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You talk to me like you don't have problems, too

But my only care in the world is I'm thinner than you

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Its if you hate your body. Its if you look in the mirror and want to die. Its if you wear long sleeves to cover your scars. Its if you will achieve your goal through any means.

This community is for for those of us with eating disorders who may have some other self-destructive tendencies (cutting, drugs, etc). Join for support, motivation, progress reports, questions, ranting, and anyhting else you need to do to get to the place where you want to be.

As of now, membership is moderated, not to be elitist but to weed out the wanarexics and people who are trying to shut our ED communities down. If you want to be in the community to "catch" an eating disorder, don't bother. We don't have the flu, our issues are not contagious. No one needs to hear that "Ana is my goddess" or "Mia, the love of my life". This is a disease and a struggle, and while we are making a choice not to recover, theres no need to make it sound like something glorious.

To be accepted into this community, all you have to do is click the join button, and I will most likely accept you as a member. After you are accepted, you MUST introduce yourself to the community. Tell us:


Current Weight:
High Weight:
Low Weight:
One-month Goal Weight:
Other Goal Weights:

A little about yourself:

And Pictures.
This won't be mandatory, but please make your best effort to post some.

Intro posts, long posts, and any pictures should be under a cut. Underwear or bathing suit pics are fine, as is black-barred nudity,as long as the text of the cut states that the pictures are not safe for work.

Please make all posts friends-only, public posts will be deleted if it isn't fixed in a day. This will be a rule until bitches stop trying to have our communites shut down.

This is the only promo banner I have right now, if any of you are good with photoshop and would like to make more promo banners, that would be amazing. Post it where ever you can!

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